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Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series Leaderboard Points System Changed

Several changes have been made to the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series Leaderboard that should make the "Race for the Cup" even more competitive in 2007.

First, the base point increments between the first four places at each event have changed. In the past, the increment between each placing was five points. Now, the increments between the first four places have changed, in some cases quite drastically. For example, a 25-point gap will now exist between the winner and second place finisher. The gap between second and third is 15 points, with ten points separating third and fourth. After that, the point increments revert back to five. These changes have been made for both the Advanced and Intermediate leaderboards.

The points that each participant earns at an event for their placings at the events are known as "base points." The additional "bonus points" awarded for eventing-specific accomplishments now becoming more difficult to achieve. The only bonus point options are now for those who finish double clear (no jump or time penalties) in cross-country, or show jumping. Bonus points are only available if base points are first earned.

Tie-breaking parameters have now been introduced. In the event of a tie for the year-end champion or reserve champion titles, the tie will be broken by the horse-and-rider combination that had the least number of cross-country time penalties, averaged using the time penalties from those events at which they earned Gold Cup leaderboard points.

If a tie still exists, it will be broken by the lowest average of final scores at all events (with scores converted to match FEI with national competitions) where the horse-and-rider combinations earned Gold Cup leaderboard points.

If by some slim chance there is still a tie, then the tied parties will split any prize money (if applicable) equally, and an equitable division of prizes will be determined.

"Keeper of the Cup" has developed into a much sought after title since the Series began three years ago with a list of past champions that includes Karen O'Connor, Phillip Dutton, Gina Miles, and Becky Holder.

The Series is modeled somewhat after other successful sports series such as NASCAR. The Series runs at the Intermediate and Advanced levels (the two highest levels of competition), and is based on a cumulative points system, with horse/rider pairs earning points, prize money, and prizes at the 12 premier USEA recognized competitions that hold Gold Cup divisions throughout the year.

Prizes expected for this year’s Series include 7-dose packs of Adequan, SCS3 field and dress boots as well as Cirrus jackets from Mountain Horse, 3-bottle packs of Wellpride, Ogilvy saddle pads, fly sheets and No-Bow wraps from Back on Track, and various products from Bit of Britain and World Equestrian Brands.

This December, at the USEA Convention which will be held at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a grand prize Gold Cup trophy and various prizes will be awarded to the rider from each division with the most points at the end of the year. In addition, the Gold Cup champion at the advanced level will receive a check from the USEA for $6,000, and the intermediate champion will receive a check for $4,000.  The reserve champions at each level will receive an extensive prize pack.

The Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series is made possible through the support of its many sponsors: Title:  Adequan; Legacy:  World Equestrian Brands, Nunn Finer, Nutrena; Contributing:  Cover-All, UlcerGard, Wellpride; Patron:  Back on Track, Mountain Horse, Ogilvy Horse.

For more information on the Series, including the 2007 calendar, click on the Gold Cup logo on the USEA home page.